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About Us

About Us

Bringing elegance and glamour to the life of people, is the purpose of It is a startup E-Commerce company in Sri Lanka through our inception in January 2018.

Toward realising our purpose, we commit to place attractive, reliable, and safe products for all occasions. We pursue enchanting our customers by a continual evolution and expansion of our range of products and services.

Our merchandising ensures the latest fashion and quality in composing our catalog. Likewise, our processes are in place to ensure seamless order processing, delivery, and handling returns. In addition, we wish to be generous to our customers in many ways; e.g., free shipping, cashback coupons, and occasional discounts.

In order to ensure improved customer satisfaction and trust, we welcome customer feedback, opinions, ideas, and appreciations. Moreover, we feel glad when our customers speak to us directly as it allows us rewarding them when they influence improvements.